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I have a new political piece on the Bonus page:

Second Amendment to the US Constitution 

The Founders’ Most Radical Political Idea

First published on this website on 12/28/2020


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Philosophy Now

October/November 2020 issue



November 2020 issue

The Nation 

November-30 2020 issue

Regarding the Book’s Edition

The Genetic Universe can be summarized as: "What is likely to happen when someone has good ideas in metaphysics but is not affiliated with any university and lacks pertinent knowledge about designing, editing, publishing, marketing, and selling a written work."


In 2015, I wrote a short book which I believed was basically well written and self-published it.


At such time, I saw no problem in not having discussed the work with anyone; I approached a number of individuals but had no luck in getting anyone’s attention and so decided to post it online for a limited time as a free e-book.


I found out posting a book online at no charge is a bad idea if you have the intention of selling it later, since the book started to appear in places I did not want it to appear.


Later, I was made aware most readers would not understand my book, as English is not my first language.


When I finally got editing help, I began to find out the large gap between what a publishing house does with a book of such magnitude; utilizing a team of various professionals to cover every significant angle, and the basic fixing of grammatical errors you get from hired editing.


Those details explain why you find a second edition here; the first edition is gone, nowhere to be found.